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Author: GMA Staff

How Businesses Can Increase Sales with an Employee Travel Incentive

Business managers often struggle with creative ways to motivate their employees to reach their sales targets, or to just bring in extra business! As many managers and business owners have discovered, a travel incentive is a motivational tool that has proven to be effective in reaching sales goals. A travel incentive package creates excitement and a competitive spirit as employees strive to qualify for the trip. Most people love to travel, and earning a trip away is something that employees can visualize and work toward. Research has shown that companies that provide travel incentives find that their employees perform...

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Member Suggestions Help Fine-Tune GMA Programming

GMA has experienced a 50 percent increase in attendance at our popular Noontime Networks since moving the event from Wednesdays to Fridays last year. Switching to Fridays was an idea suggested by members. GMA staff members are always seeking new and creative ideas from our membership. We are a member-driven organization, as we have been since 1906. We are proud of our legacy of providing meaningful, relevant, and timely programming to help you and your business succeed. Each fall, the GMA staff begins analyzing and reviewing the next year’s schedule of events and activities. Member focus groups, mini-surveys, program...

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How Are Sales Professionals Like Honey Bees?

In my experience as a sales professional, I find parallels in my hobby as a bee keeper. It is interesting how many lessons we can learn about being an effective sales professional from observing honey bees. There are hundreds of lessons we could discuss, but here, we will focus on two. 1) Know what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and do it then.  This is something honey bees are really good at. You have likely heard the saying “busy as a bee.”  They get that reputation because the workers of the hive are always...

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Volunteering Creates More Opportunities to Build Relationships

The Benefits of Volunteering Tori Baker is one of those people who looks at just about every situation as an opportunity to learn. That’s one reason she finds her experiences at GMA events so enjoyable. “I love the Workplace Workshops,” she says.  “I find those very informative.” But Baker, who works in member development for Allegacy Federal Credit Union, doesn’t just go to fill a seat in the auditorium at GMA’s Workplace Workshops.  She also helps other members as a volunteer. “I greet people coming in, help them find their name tags and get to the right location,” she...

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GMA FAQ: How Many People From My Company Can Attend FREE GMA Events?

So you’ve joined GMA and attended a few events. After raving to a coworker about what you learned, the fun you had, and the connections you made, she asks if she can join you next time. You aren’t sure what to say because you know that GMA events are member-exclusive. Great news! GMA memberships cover all employees of your company, not just the individuals listed on the application. We encourage you to share information about GMA and our events with all of your coworkers. There is no limit to the number of employees of your company who can attend...

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