GMA has experienced a 50 percent increase in attendance at our popular Noontime Networks since moving the event from Wednesdays to Fridays last year.

Switching to Fridays was an idea suggested by members.Why feedback is important to our success

GMA staff members are always seeking new and creative ideas from our membership. We are a member-driven organization, as we have been since 1906.

We are proud of our legacy of providing meaningful, relevant, and timely programming to help you and your business succeed.

Each fall, the GMA staff begins analyzing and reviewing the next year’s schedule of events and activities. Member focus groups, mini-surveys, program evaluations, committees, and direct member feedback are ways you can help shape the programming that will most help you and your business in 2017.

I encourage you to share your thoughts, ideas, and feedback with me or any member of the GMA staff. We continuously strive to increase the value of your GMA membership, and your input will make a positive difference as we move forward.