The Benefits of Volunteering

Tori Baker is one of those people who looks at just about every situation as an opportunity to learn.

That’s one reason she finds her experiences at GMA events so enjoyable.

“I love the Workplace Workshops,” she says.  “I find those very informative.”

But Baker, who works in member development for Allegacy Federal Credit Union, doesn’t just go to fill a seat in the auditorium at GMA’s Workplace Workshops.  She also helps other members as a volunteer.

“I greet people coming in, help them find their name tags and get to the right location,” she says.  Being a Workplace Workshop volunteer helps Baker make connections.

“It really comes down to relationships,” she says.  “The more you can build relationships, it helps you overall.  Because people like to do business with people they know and people that they trust.  Volunteering helps.  Because you’re out there more and other members see you more.”

Baker also volunteers at Noontime Network events, where she often can be found wearing flashing LED’s around her neck as a coordinator for the ice-breaking sticker game.

Baker attends Center City AM Briefings whenever possible.  “It’s good to come because you find out so much,” she says.

GMA functions offer a variety of opportunities, she says “to help me grow personally and professionally.  There’s so much information that’s included in the membership.”

Baker’s focus in member development for the credit union focuses on companies with 50 or more employees.  Because Allegacy Federal Credit Union is a member of GMA, any employee of a GMA member company is eligible to join the credit union.

I’ve learned a lot by attending the Workplace Workshops and Center City Briefings,” Baker says.  “The variety of information provided by GMA… Wow!  It’s impressive.”